From the moment Hardiman walks onstage her tone , sense of style , delivery and cheerfulness light up the room. True jazz lovers recognize that she is authentic, a welcome asset to the world of vocal jazz.” - William Ham

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It’s not for no reason that Rebecca... has become a mainstay at any local events in need of some live music... ” - Tyler Francke

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We’re excited that our guests will have the opportunity to hear Rebecca Hardiman sing, ” - Rich Barbato, Manager of the Safari Room at OceanCliff Resort

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Rebecca Hardiman is known in Portland for her smooth vocals. Jim Martinez has played jazz tunes on the piano in Sacramento and all over northern California. Years ago the two may have never stumbled across each other but in the age of the internet they did- and it has spawned a collaboration that is coming to Lodi's Wine and Roses on Wednesday.  "When I met Jim a few years ago via the internet and sent him some clips of my tunes we kept in contact, and he said "You know it would be really great if we could collaborate", Hardiman told the News-Sentinel.  They bounced the idea back and forth and Hardiman agreed to come visit the Sacramento area.  "I'm really excited to work with Rebecca. I'm looking forward to this because I think we speak the same kind of jazz language", Martinez said.... ….Martinez had nothing but compliments for Hardiman's original interpretations of classic songs.  "Rebecca could sing the phonebook and make it sound great, " he said. "I don't get tired of anything she sings"....” - Kyla Cathey

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