Rebecca starts her professional career with the Boston based vocal jazz group The Ritz, performing at the 1987 Montreal Jazz Festival as well as jazz clubs throughout the country.  While with The Ritz, she records a CD entitled The Ritz for Denon Columbia Records.


Rebecca moves back to her home state of Oregon where she starts the vocal jazz group Euphoria. Euphoria performs throughout the Northwest for over a decade, most notably opening for Mel Torme’ in 1993 at the Hult Center in Eugene, Oregon. 


Rebecca embarks on a solo career quickly becoming a favorite vocalist with jazz musicians in the Portland/Metro area.

Rebecca, along with her husband, Ray Hardiman, is co-founder of the North Willamette Valley Friends of Music. Their annual Friends of Music Jazz Festival showcases local jazz musicians who join together to raise money for scholarships given to music students wishing to begin or continue their music education.

To Date:

Rebecca performs throughout the Pacific Northwest both as a regular and guest artist at several venues. She is frequently invited to perform at  jazz clubs, festivals, restaurants and other venues across the country including: Hawaii, California, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Colorado, Washington D.C., Tennessee... The list of states requesting Rebecca's appearance continues to grow.  

She also started the Karen Carpenter Tribute Band in 2018.  Her band is in great demand and performs for sold-out audiences. 


"If Doris Day in the 1950s had been a jazz singer, could scat with the cool assurance of Anita O’Day, and expressed the happiness of Ella, she might have sounded a little like Rebecca Hardiman. Rebecca deserves to be much better known beyond the Pacific Northwest."  ~Scott Yanow,  Jazz Historian and LA Jazz Times Contributor