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by Rebecca Hardiman

Released 2016
Released 2016
Vocal jazz the way it used to be...Pure straight ahead swing reminiscentof Ella Fitzgerald, June Christy and AnitaO'Day. That's what you get with Rebecca Hardiman.
“Not since Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald have I heard such a unique, in tune, magical, hypnotic, creative JAZZ performer.” Dan Sorkin- veteran radio personality Chicago WCFL, San Francisco KSFO

From the moment Rebecca Hardiman walks onto the stage - her tone, sense of style, dignified delivery and cheery disposition lights up the room. True lovers of jazz recognize that she is authentic and a welcome asset to world of vocal jazz. Rebecca owns the songs that she sings and brings her creative energy to every interpretation from ballads to highly technical be-bop improvisation. Her inventive scatting and stylization has earned her the reputation as one of the best jazz vocalists in the NW.